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Iceland Road Trip

From the northern lights, towering waterfalls, glaciers, rugged coast lines and dramatic mountains, Iceland is a country like no other. This short film was made during a 10-day road trip through this incredible land of fire and ice.

Arise – Kirkjufell Iceland

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to share here an unreleased image from 2015 and what is now one of my all time personal faves. I often avoid detailed explanations and stories behind my work, perhaps to avoid coming across as pretentious. However this one holds...

Swimming With Turtles – Tropical North Queensland

Finally! Over the past couple of years I have been privileged to snorkel in some amazing locations off the east and west coast of Australia, all which have regular turtle sightings. Despite this, I never had any encounters myself. I was beginning to lose hope. But all...

A Family Holiday To New Zealand

A big part of my job involves travel and although it can be amazing, I certainly do miss my wife and son whilst on the road. After a handful of trips to NZ this year I still couldn’t get enough, so Renee and I decided it would be a perfect place to take our son...

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