Already half way through 2017, it’s scary how fast this year (and time in general) seems to have gone. With the birth of my daughter, trips and workshops in New Zealand and Canada as well as a solo venture to Patagonia, it’s been an incredibly busy start to the year. With that said, I’ve consciously taken a step back from sharing work so regularly on social media, opting to initially share my work here as a larger collection. Concentrating more on what I hope is quality over quantity, I found this approach much more enjoyable and conducive for the creative process.

Photography is still my outlet, my passion and where I find joy and contentment within this fast moving world of consumerism and excess and as I type these words, I’m reminded how fortunate I am to have witnessed and experienced so many astounding instances in nature. The collection of images you’ll find in my ‘new work’ section of my gallery are from the countries mentioned above as well as the odd piece from home in Australia. All are of a moment in time which brings me fond memories, whether on the road with my workshop clients or alone in the New Zealand or Patagonian wilderness.

Although there is a variety of subjects and locations in my new work, there is something similar throughout, something that I can’t really describe but only feel and continue to strive for. An emotion, a desire, a yearning. Whatever it is, I hope at least one of these photos may resonate with you.

Thanks for viewing. WP

Please click here to view my new work, all of which are available as prints in various sizes. 

Below are just a few personal faves but please check out the entire collection via the link above.

Mt Edith Cavell
Torres Del Paine Chile
Lake Tekapo
Mt Fitzroy sunset
Moraine Lake frozen
Johnston Canyon waterfall Banff
Mt Fitzroy winter
Cerro Torre winter
Rainbow over trees