Here we are, at the start of April and I have another 30 or so images to share, all of which have been captured across the past 3 months. Things have been quite productive at home in New Zealand and also from my recent Patagonia trip, where I had a couple of days solo, followed by back-to-back workshops. The concentration of this work is on many of my favourite mountains, Tutoko, Aspiring, Fitzroy and Cerro Torre plus a few forest scenes from joyful wanderings in the backyard. 

The outdoors make me feel alive and my photography brings me into the presence of humbling, thought provoking scenarios which naturally evoke an emotional response.  All of these new images reflect not only fond memories but also fleeting moments in time that stirred something within. When I’m out shooting, I’m often filled with a mixture of emotions, carrying with me thoughts of love ones, reverence, awe, fear, happiness and gratitude. I hope you can see this through my work and perhaps some may resonate with you in one way or another.  

Thanks for viewing and leaving your thoughts below. 


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