We’re halfway through the year and I’m pleased to be able to share another collection of photographs that I’ve been working on, since the last release in April. Feeling inspired by the power of the sea, I was drawn to the coast on numerous occasions to try and capture the water in the same way I often like to photograph mountains, in deep reverence with an attention to light and atmospheric conditions.

My mountain images were created in some colder conditions this time, around the ice fields and highest peaks in New Zealand, in sub zero temperatures after some fresh snow falls. Of course, my beloved Fiordland makes many appearances, from high above some of the sounds during some dusk and dawn flights, to being low on the water amidst some of the wildest conditions I’ve experienced at Milford. 

There’s a dominate theme in these photos, one that speaks of overcoming adversity and the necessity of hardship in our lives in order to grow and become more than our former selves. This is not something I’ve been struggling with personally, but is often on my mind, particularly when tragic things seemingly happen to others for no reason. We live in a time where we expect instant answers and results, but it seems that healing and growth require time before we’re then able to look back and make sense of our past. If of course, we’re patient and wise enough. 

My time in nature reminds me of our frailty and limited opportunity to achieve and reach for what is most important to us. There’s a lot to distract us, but the mountains and sea help put things into perspective for me, the place where I feel closest to the creator. Moving forward with my photography, I just want to keep getting better at expressing my relationship with the natural world and I’m more inspired than ever 🙂

You can simply click an image below and browse them full screen using the arrows or if you’d like to see the names and captions for each, you can view them in the New Work gallery here. I recommend you kick back, make yourself a warm beverage and take your time to view them this way, to get an insight into my thoughts and vision behind some of the images. 

Comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you for viewing and allowing me to share my life with you.