Hi everyone,

To close out the year, I have one last series of photos to share, since my last release of new work a few months back. It’s a bit of a mixed bag here, with time spent in Iceland and of course New Zealand, covering forests, fiords, seascapes, glaciers, mountains and the aurora. It’s been 12-months since I last shot the northern lights, so it was a pleasure to experience the rush of being under the lights again. During my Iceland workshops, we had some spectacular displays and it was a joy to share these nights with some great people who witnessed the sky dance in green for the first time.

Back home in New Zealand, I have a few new aerials from memorable flights, but I’ve certainly backed off my time in the air the past few months, as I’ve missed being on the ground and exploring on foot. I was able to spend some time in the forests and out on my raft, but I’m still just scratching the surface on what I want to do here.

As we head into summer now, I have quite a hunger to explore some fresh ideas I have in the South Island, so I look forward to what the next few months brings.  For now, thanks for looking at these new images. I hope that some may resonate with you.

If you want to join me in New Zealand, Iceland or Canada on a tour over the next couple of years, please email me on info@williampatino.com

All images cane be viewed below by clicking one and using the arrows to scroll. If you’d like to see names and captions, head then please head to my new work gallery.


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