2024 Photography Workshops

With group sizes no larger than 6 participants, Wills New Zealand photography workshops are unique, personable tours with adaptive itineraries and unique locations that will get you to the best places at the right times.

Aside from the technical, Will expands upon the expressive side of image making and encourages freedom and creativity. You will learn in-depth composition theory, how to get tack sharp images, expose correctly, read weather and light, how to make the most out of any scenario, refined post processing with simple and effective techniques and so much more. With the small group size and Wills approach to shooting, you certainly won’t be lined up capturing the same thing as everyone else but instead, you’ll go home with your own unique images of New Zealand, along with new skills and a fresh vision. 

“The photos you see in my portfolio are what I aim for you to create. Close to the action, adapting to weather, chasing light and having a laugh along the way. Photography and nature has changed my life and I want to share the joy of this art with you.” WP