Tropical Resort Hayman Island

With all the travel I do, quality family time is something I really cherish. So when any opportunity comes up for my family to travel with me, I am more than stoked. Thanks to Mastercard AU, I recently spent a few days on the stunning and iconic One&Only Hayman Island as part of their appetite for paradise campaign. How was it? Well hopefully some of the photo’s below give you an insight.

Tropical Islands QLD
Waterfall Hayman Island QLD

Divine food prepared by Neil Perry, fresh salty air, ocean views, poolside coffees and great company, Hayman certainly lives up to the hype. Despite a little wet weather we still enjoyed exploring parts of the lush, butterfly inhabited forest as well as hang out with the resident swans Barry and Elizabeth.

My love with travel and the outdoors certainly lacks no zeal however experiencing the world through the eyes of my son is such a gift, helping me to further appreciate the finer details in life, to slow down and just be in the moment. It’s hard not to do this in a place like Hayman Island and I’m grateful for this opportunity and the memories we made.

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