To avoid coming across as pretentious, I don’t often describe my images or what goes into capturing them. Sure, it’s not often that a piece truly resonates with me personally, perhaps half a dozen times a year, so I’m happy to make an exception when one does. I’ve had this shot in my mind for quite a while, for about two years ago. It’s a sequel to an older image of mine called ‘inflamed colossals’, a fleeting moment when pine particles passed through the air and were illuminated by the morning sun at these exact trees.

Decent snowfall here doesn’t occur every year, so after some failed attempts and dozens of hours driving through the night, you can imagine the satisfaction of being here when it does. Although the forest was layered in white, the snow had since stopped falling. I set up for this image anyway and adjusted the shutter speed to what I guessed would be right for this motion blur. The gentle howl of the occasional southerly breeze offered a fraction of hope at creating some snowfall from above but after 10 minutes of waiting, I was considering moving on. But once in a blue moon I’ll get that gut feeling and assurance to stay put, so I got my feet a little more comfortable and waited.

It was in the next minute that the wind picked up and for the next 3-4 seconds a flurry of white drifted through the cathedral. The conversation between my best mate Cameron and I went silent as I managed to press the shutter for two exposures. The silence broke shortly after from Cammster, “You got it, didn’t you?”. I don’t think I could quite respond with words at that point, for to see something materialise that was once just a thought, it’s a moving experience to say the least. I’ve had this happen about 6 times now over the past 4 years and it’s the main thing that keeps me inspired, keeps me dreaming, hoping and forever chasing, it’s the light that once helped set me free from darkness.
Sure, you can worry about what others are doing, whats trending or what might get you that next instagram feature but I know for me, when I’m an old man, it’ll be these brief moments, where everything became so temporarily perfect that I’ll look fondly and smile on the most.
Thanks, WP
Snowfall in the forest