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Finding Inspiration

Being inspired is like having a revved up engine and full gas tank – you’re ready to get out there and be productive but so often I hear from people who have lost their inspiration, the gas tank is low or the engine just isn’t firing. We’ve all been there, caught in this frustrating cycle with seemingly no way out. If this is you right now, rest assured there’s hope.

Into The Light – Online Photography Tutorials

Learn landscape photography with these premium, educational videos hosted by professional photographer, William Patino. From the theory, in-the-field techniques, and editing. Captured in the New Zealand, this is the entire image making workflow spread across several episodes capturing waterfalls, mountains, seascapes, forests and more.

2019 Part II

Latest landscape imagery from William Patino. Patagonia, New Zealand and Australia wilderness photography.

A weekend in Port Macquarie NSW

A brief pictorial account of what we experienced during our quick stop over in this highly liveable part of Australia. Locations include Comboyne, Diamond Head National Park, Hastings River and the Tacking Point lighthouse/headland.

5 NSW landscapes that’ll make you feel small

Ever since I took up photography as my full time profession I’ve been blessed to have done a lot of travel to some amazing destinations around the world. But what a lot of people may not realise is that there is so much beauty right here at my doorstep. I live in New.