Australian Family holiday

After a huge year traveling abroad, I was more than eager to hit the road recently with my wife and son on a road trip for the guys at Britz and Maui. This wasn’t my first time traveling by camper van, however it was my first time doing so with a pregnant wife and 2 year old son. Fortunately our van had all the comforts of home, meaning we could pull over and stop wherever we needed. Without a doubt traveling in a country like Australia is best done in a camper van, allowing for spontaneous road side stops and exploration. So, our plan? None really, just hit the road and see where the wind (and light) took us.

Sunrise over Zenith Beach NSW
Maui camper van
Stockton NSW dunes
NSW Stockton sand dunes

Picking up our new home from Sydney, we moved north towards Newcastle. One big thing I’ve learned about traveling with a child is to be flexible, something I also highly recommend when travel via camper van. This allows you to go where your heart desires and if you need to make any stops along the way, at least you’ll be comfortable.

Reaching Anna Bay, the sand dunes of Stockton were at our door step as well as countless white sand beaches. We decided to stay a few days in the area, setting up at a holiday park with a pool and playground. I caught up with some friends here and we explored the dunes via a 4×4, watching the endless textures and shapes transform in color at both sunrise and sunset.

Eventually we packed up and hit the road again, moving further north to Crescent Head. This was definitely the highlight of the trip as we were able to set up at a park right by an ocean inlet which was perfect for swimming, particularly on a brutal 37 degree day (so stoked the van had air con!).

Seascape photography
Storm over the ocean

During our time at Crescent Head, I had the pleasure of heading out and photographing an amazing storm which throttled much of the coast of NSW. It had been well over a year since I’d been around a decent storm and this one surely made up for it. For a good 5 hours bolts danced across and illuminated the night sky with the sun roof in the van making a perfect viewing window for my son Judah.

NSW Caves Beach sunrise

After a week on the road we reluctantly packed ourselves up and headed back to normality (whatever that is). After traveling around the globe all year, I’m most grateful for these times we get to share as family, appreciating the beauty right in our own backyard.