Video footage from the extreme flooding in Fiordland National Park, where more than 2 feet of rain fell across 3-days. Fiordland is born of storms and heavy rainfall is certainly not unfamiliar, however the extent of the damage was unprecedented, particularly with the rising of the Hollyford river. I awoke to water inside the cabin I was sleeping in, down at Gunns camp in the Hollyford and immediately had to evacuate. The 20+ others in the valley were all preparing to leave as well however I was the only vehicle to make it through. Once back on the main Milford Road, it was evident I needed to reach higher ground as soon as possible, with the river now up across the road and landslides in all directions. I managed to make it up to the Divide and then waited things out. I used my satellite phone to contact my wife and also pass on information abotu those still down in the valley. Thankfully everyone was ok and eventually air lifted back to safety, myself included. Some video footage below of what I experienced. Since capturing this footage, another foot of rain has fallen.