After looking at maps for months, I decided on this remote lake and surrounding mountains in the wilderness of New Zealand for a solo exhibition. Just a few hours before being dropped into the area by chopper, I had to make the tough decision to bring my pick up date forward due to a newly developing low front that was coming in from the south, bringing with it a week of solid rain. Although slightly discouraged, I was optimistic about the upcoming days and the unforeseen opportunities that still awaited. Completely alone and many, many miles from civilisation, I immediately felt a deep connection with the land around me unlike ever before. Upon being dropped off, as the hum of the chopper finally faded, I was greeted by the sound of water diving from a nearby mountain. No map could have prepared me for how pristine and rugged the area was, something that certainly made traversing more difficult yet equally rewarding. Being here, I was finally able to put aside any prior ideas and just let the place speak to me and see where I was led.

Coming across this small river, I decided to follow it in the hopes of it opening up toward the mountains. The surrounding marsh was wet and muddy but finally after a couple of kilometres I made it to some higher ground where I was greeted to a grand view that literally stopped me in my tracks. It was here, beside the flowing water that I set up camp. I knew this time of year the sun was aligned between the mountains but of course the cloud cover would determine if I would see any light at all. On my final night the sunset was greyed out and it rained through the night. I had envisioned this shot in my mind and it truly was the one type of image I’d hoped to take away from here. Needless to say, I was at the mercy of the elements. as always. The following morning I’ll never forget those first few moments shortly after awakening, peering from my tent and seeing the faintest of openings far out on the horizon. I knew what was about to unfold. I’ve never had an experience like this but it’s changed me and my love and respect for wilderness and the preservation of these areas. This is the direction my work will move in.

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