Disappearing Falls

I have cruised down Milford Sound more times than I can count and without a doubt, the most ideal time to go is when the weather is most violent. On a sunny day, Milford Sound only has 2 regular waterfalls but on rainy days, the entire sound is flooded with innumerable falls that plummet down the faces of the granite towers. Combine rainfall with wind, and you have yourself a humbling experience that needs to be felt to be believed. As I captured this, thunder was rolling off in the distant skies, the boat was being tossed and wind gusts were exceeding 100km/h. Holding on to the edge of the boat, the smile couldn’t be wiped off my face (although the wind and horizontal rain sure tried) as I was yelling out joyfully to my clients, making sure they were all getting this iconic shot which represents the power and beauty of Fiordland.  

Fiordland, New Zealand 

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