Living by the ocean my whole life, it has become a natural and favourite subject of mine to photograph. After many years of getting to know its form, nothing quite prepared me for Iceland’s ‘Diamond Beach’ at Jokulsarlon. Here, various ice pieces and sculptures fall from the nearby glacier and float down the river and out to see. Many pieces wash up on the shore where they adorn the stretches of vast black sand. On this particular morning, this incredibly large sculpture dominated to landscape. Standing about 8ft tall at it’s height, it drew me in immediately however the real challenge was trying to do justice to not only it’s shape but also the relentless swell that surges up here and often claims many cameras. With my boots uncomfortably saturated, I opted to go bare foot in order to get closer to my subject in the hopes of revealing the finer and more turbulent details. By the afternoon she was consumed by the sea, never to be photographed again.

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