I don’t often talk about what goes into making an image but I felt this one deserved it because you’d really have no idea just by looking at the shot. As calm as this scene looks, it was one of the more challenging I’ve come up against. Getting to the edge here was no easy task as with the entire area being covered in ice. After finally making it to the vantage point I had the pleasure of waiting almost 45 minutes for the slow rising Iceland sun to break through (probably the only time I wished it would hurry up!). This waiting caused me to walk around to say warm, eventually falling and putting my elbow and wrist through a block of ice on impact. Making my way back to my camera and not too keen on moving any more, I waited as the spray from the waterfall happily blast me and my gear, eventually freezing on us and turning my hoodie into a solid sheet of ice. All in all it made for a great memory and something I will remmeber most from the trip. Cheers to my friend Cameron who put up with me as I began to go a little insane, doing star jumps to stay warm and busting out some weird Icelandic rhymes.

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