It’s mid December and I’m seated on a Cathay Pacific flight to Sydney, returning home after 5 days exploring the natural landscapes of Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong. Much more than a vibrant, bustling city, HK boasts some incredible natural scenery from the mountains, forest and sea. So, if you’re planning a stop over in Hong Kong anytime soon, make sure to check out some of the natural scenery. Below are my top 3!

1. Long Ke Beach at Sai Kung

Before this trip, when I visualised Hong Kong, Long Ke was probably the furthest thing from my mind. White sand, lush rolling hills and fresh salty air, this picturesque section along stage 2 of the MacLehose trail is a scene straight from the sunny east coast of Australia. Getting here is only a short 30 minute walk from the High Island Reservoir and you’re allowed to set up and camp right by the ocean. Visiting here whilst in Hong Kong is a no brainer really.

Hong Kong beach
Hong Kong hiking trial
Long Ke Wan

2. Dragon’s back Hike 

High up in the clouds, surrounded by green vegetation and 360 degree views, hiking Dragon’s Back on the South East coast of Hong Kong was indeed a highlight for me. So close to the city yet seemingly world’s away, this 8.5km trek winds it’s way up and down (hence the name) rolling hills that stand above the stunning Shek O coastline and finish up at Big Wave Bay. Even if you only have a couple of days in HK, I highly recommend stretching your legs and getting your heart pumping on this classic hike.

Dragons Back, Hong Kong
Looking down on Shek O from the Dragons Back

2. Repulse Bay Beach

Sun, sand, great coffee and fresh food – this is what you can expect at Repulse Bay. So close to the heart of Hong Kong Island, this bay has a ‘Gold Coast’ feel to it with it’s vibrant and laid back atmosphere and made me feel like I was right at home. Yeah sure, I’m certainly one to be atop moody mountains somewhere but I couldn’t argue with the allure of such a place which was certainly a welcomed change of pace from the turbulent Central HK.

Repulse Bay Beach
Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong

Overall I was really taken back by the natural beauty of Hong Kong and the vast amount of places to escape to, all so close to the city. I use to just think of HK as a place to stop over on the way to another destination however I can certainly say that it certainly carries its weight, not just with the shoppers but outdoor enthusiasts alike. Thanks for viewing and please feel free to share and check out the video below!