For some time I’ve wanted to put together a body of work wholly concentrating on New Zealands ice and glacial landscapes. I wasn’t sure how to approach it or what images I even wanted to make. To be honest, the task seemed too daunting and I kept putting it off. It wasn’t until this winter, when I was lowering myself down a rope into an ice cave on the Tasman glacier, that I realised I needed to start this project as soon as possible. The glacial landscape has been changing long before any of us were here, but it’s changing so rapidly now that it’s current form of unique beauty won’t be recognisable once my kids reach my age.

This small portfolio of images represents the immensity and vastness of these frozen worlds, and how I see them. A unique landscape of the highest form of natural beauty and I can say that some of these images represent what I regard as some of the most incredible scenes I’ve beheld in nature. Light and ice. Both baring equal importance in creating what I had in mind. The light had to be just right and when it was, time was fleeting, as it always is.

Images can be viewed full size by clicking a thumbnail and scrolling using the arrows below. Alternatively, to view titles and captions, head to the new work gallery here. 

I hope some may resonate with you and thank you for stopping by.