Looking at the scene before me, my mind can’t help but wander. Back to a time before roads and trains, when a cell phone wasn’t checked every 5 minutes in case we might be missing out on something. Although it is our modern necessities that have helped lead me here, there’s still a powerful presence still to be felt within these parts which transcend time and understanding.

Sunset and rainbow over Vermillion Lakes, Banff Canada

As our strain on the earth continues to increase, our need to escape and be one with such creation is vital to our very existence and well-being. At least mine anyway. I’ve spent years taking for granted the outdoors and the freedom to be felt and experienced in nature. Whether hours down the trail or a stones throw from the carpark, the past two weeks in Alberta’s Rockies has been a breath of fresh air. These days most of our lives are so structured, so predictable. Out here, anything goes. At the mercy of the elements, far from any ‘connection’, one begins to feel more connected than ever before, inviting the unknown.

Northern Lights Canada
Canadian Mountain Peak
Johnston Canyon waterfall

The night dances in stars , occasionally charmed by the illusive glow of the aurora. Rivers carve through valleys, formidable peaks as far as the eye can see. Come dusk and dawn the faces of these giants are inflamed, the sky often burning in crimson as distant coyotes howl.

We are only passing by, a land that doesn’t need us although we need it. It’s easy to become complacent, to put things off for ‘another day’. But tomorrow is no guarantee.

The mountains call to those who are willing to listen. And with that, I must go. WP

Consolation Lake Canada
Eiffel Mountain, Canada
Eiffel Lake, AB Canada