It was hard not to have high expectations when visiting Milford Sound. Whenever I mentioned to someone about traveling to New Zealand, Milford was always mentioned in the conversation as a must see.

When a place is so hyped up I try and lower my hopes, and as a photographer, I know that my experience will be heavily effected by the weather conditions.

Two thirds of the year it rains in Milford Sound so when I drove through the Jurassic Fiordland under clear skies I was more than grateful.

Standing at the feet of the monstrous mountains, it is hard not to be emotionally taken back by this wonder of the world.

I arrived for sunset early  in order to catch the sun breaking the mountains edge. Within seconds of taking in the grand view, all my expectations were met.

As I set up my camera, I couldn’t help but think of all the Maoris who would have occupied this paradise long before European settlement. They no doubt would of had a deep connection with the land and vast marine life that still occupies the waters.

Like many places I have been blessed to see, Milford is a special place that speaks to your soul and reflects the glory of a divine creator.

The sun setting within a fiordland of mountains and water.



A colorful sunset with mountains and the ocean within New Zealands Fiordland.



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