Hi everyone, just checking in at the beginning of 2020, to share a large collection of new images which I’ve made across the past 4 months at home in New Zealand. To say it’s been a busy and productive summer would be an understatement, with several workshops, personal shooting, private tours and family time all continuously cycled through the months. I wouldn’t have it any other way though and I’m incredibly grateful for the people I was with when creating some of these images.

In this series of photos alone is a lifetime of experiences, the majority of which I’ll cherish closely and really won’t have the right words to describe. The relationship I have with the natural landscapes of this country is something that goes deeper than I can express in any way, and what I do with my camera is an endless pursuit of portraying this bond and admiration.

A vast amount of these photos are of places and angles that you most likely haven’t seen before, but all are within the South Island of New Zealand. My curiosity and desire for exploration is what keeps this exciting for me. There’s been many hours scanning over maps, reading weather, failed attempts and adaptation, just to align with these brief windows in time that will never occur in the exact same way again.

What an honour it has been and as I type this, my heart burns in my chest for what awaits out there, the ever present call of the wild. For everyone who has joined one of my tours and given me the opportunity to share this passion with you, I’m truly thankful.

If you’re interested in having me show you around, my 2020 workshops are virtually all booked out, but feel free to contact me for any availabilities. You can also view my 2021 workshops here.

To view these images, simple click a thumbnail below and use the arrows to view full screen. If you like to see the names and captions, simple head to the New Work gallery where you can read the words and also browse full size using the arrows.

Last but not least, please don’t view these in a bright area (like outdoors). I shoot in low light conditions and to maintain the integrity of the mood and atmosphere, I keep my imagery quite dark. Please view these in a darker environment to appreciate some of the finer details.

OK, that’s enough from me. Thanks for stopping by!