As always, thank you for stopping by. It’s with great joy that I’m able to share my latest photographs with you, as there are many personal favourites in this new collection, both from a photography perspective but primarily for the experiences alone.

After a strict lockdown period and having my years worth of workshop bookings postponed, the pandemic allowed time for much reflection and consideration for the future. The time I’ve spent creating these photographs has been some of the most enjoyable and impactful I’ve had since picking up a camera and I’ve been humbled by the fleeting moments that seemed to continually arise. It’s my hope that some of this may be reflected in the work itself and how grateful I am to have had these opportunities.

Across the past 5-months I have been slowly creating these images, often with specific goals in mind and exploring some ideas that I’ve had. A big portion of my time has been spent periodically travelling to the West Coast, trying to create imagery which unites both the sea and glaciated mountains, a combination which is limited to just a few parts of the world.

Being the season, snow is also a common theme and it’s been a joy to pursue favourable conditions and finally make some new winter images. I think this is definitely my favourite time of year here. From a photography perspective, it doesn’t get much better.

I want to conclude by thanking all my workshop clients past and present who have been so helpful in the current climate, transferring into new dates for next year and beyond due to this years postponements. Lastly, thank you to my wife Renee for your endless support, for organising and running everything behind the scenes and of course, being a devoted mother to our two beautiful children.

Wherever you are in the world, keep pressing on and thank you for stopping by.

Images can be viewed by clicking and scrolling below. To view titles and captions, head to the new work gallery here.