New Work 2018 – III

Here we are, back again with a new collection to share after the last release a few months ago. Over the months, my teaching has taken me back to Australia, Iceland and New Zealand, with some newer workshops getting people into remote areas of the NZ back country. This is where my passion lies and I’m more grateful than ever for these opportunities and those whom I’ve shared such moments with. 

During and between these trips, I was able to set time aside to create new work for myself, particularly with a focus on updating my seascape work. This series is much larger than what I normally put out, mainly because I felt a lot of my portfolio was outdated, plus I’ve just been out in the field often. 

For me, the past 12-months have been somewhat challenging, on a personal level. These images and my photography reflects my thoughts and trials – as it always has. For the image names and captions, please head here to my gallery where you can open a thumbnail and then scroll using the arrows. Otherwise, feel free to click and browse below. Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated. 

If you’re interested in developing your photography, please check out my 2019 workshops or contact me for private and custom workshops if you’re headed to New Zealand.