This release of new work comes earlier than originally planned. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, ‘normal’ life and work has come to a halt. In this series of photos, I’m sharing new imagery I recently shot in New Zealand (since January) but also a handful of other works that I’ve found in my archives and had time to revisit the raw files.

With the uncertain times ahead of us, I hope these might temporarily take you to another place. These are a glimpse at the many moments and locations that stirred something within me, and it’s my hope that some may resonate with you as well. 

What an honour it has been to share my photography with so many people over these years, plus provide for my family off of my tours and teaching. I don’t have the words to describe how much this art and the wonders of the Lords creation have come to bless my life. Many years ago I took for granted the perfect, harmonic order of the rising sun, the tides of the sea and governance of the stars but looking at life through a lens helped me truly see. I hope that during these times, others may to come to appreciate the ‘simple’ things, and perhaps awaken with a new perspective and curiosity.  

To view these images, simple click a thumbnail below and use the arrows to view full screen. If you like to see the names and captions, simply head to the New Work Gallery where you can read the words and also browse full size using the arrows.

Last but not least, please don’t view these in a bright area (like outdoors). I shoot in low light conditions and to maintain the integrity of the mood and atmosphere, I keep my imagery quite dark. Please view these in a darker environment to appreciate some of the finer details.

Keep looking up.