In the heart of Australia, about 300kms from Uluru, across vast stretches of red sand, rises the pre-historic sandstone walls of Kings Canyon. A thriving home to numerous plant and wildlife and expansive skies that stretch from east to west, this special part of the Outback is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been in Australia.


Staying at the beautiful Kings Canyon Resort, I was able to call this immense landscape home for several days as I took some time to unwind and chase the fleeting light of day as it ignited the landscape blood-red in an unforgettable display.


There is a silence in the air here that is rarely found these days and having no phone service opened up for an opportunity to really switch off for a few days and absorb how special this part of Australia is. Kings Canyon can be explored by camel, quad or even heli, however I opted for the old fashioned two-feet and made my trek at dawn on the 6km rim walk, just as the morning sun transformed the rich colours of the landscape.

The sandstone cliffs that rise above the gorge were really the highlight for me as they towered over the surprisingly lush vegetation of the appropriately named ‘Garden of Eden’ below. Sitting down and taking a few moments to admire this landscape, it was humbling thinking of the powerful forces of nature that have slowly shaped and transformed this area over an unfathomable amount of time.

Special thanks again to the guys at Kings Canyon Resort for taking care of me during my stay and letting me experience such a special part of Aus!

Standing high above Kings Canyon NT.