My eyes are tired but under the moonlight I can faintly make out the faces of the immense mountains that pierce the cloud right before me. After 30+ hours of transit and a 4 hour drive through the night, it’s 4am here in Chile and time to briefly rest my eyes. As I drift in and out of sleep in the front seat of the car for the next few hours, the landscape changes with my every awakening. The mountains disappear completely behind cloud, violent wind hammers my car, the stars reveal their light once again and so the cycle continues. By morning, there is an eerie calm and a rainbow stretches across the sky as the low, dense cloud catches the warm glow of the sun. Minutes later I’m caught in a downpour of rain and sleet as I run for shelter. This is the story of the 9 days ahead. Welcome to Patagonia.

Torres Del Paine Patagonia

Located at the southern end of South America, Patagonia comprises a section of the lower part of the vast Andes mountain range, between both Chile and Argentina. A climbing and hiking mecca for decades, Patagonia is also no stranger to outdoor photographers and has long been a place that I’d hoped to see. With a brief 9 days alone, I started my journey in Punta Arenas, Chile and made my way north to Torres Del Paine (TDP) for a few days. From there I crossed into Argentina and headed through El Calafate (stocked up on supplies) and pressed on to El Chalten in the Los Glaciares National Park to make the most of a very short weather window. Once the storms rolled in after couple of nights, I returned to TDP in Chile before heading home. It was an unforgettable, educational and enjoyable experience.

Patagonia sunrise
Light rays, Cordillera Paine

Roads are long and bumpy with skies expansive, forever changing.

With the people that are few, no common language is spoken.

I am alone but it is the unspoken mountains which bind us.

Patagonia Autumn Trees
Patagonia tree in the snow
Winter sunrise, Patagonia

As towering faces are finally unveiled, everything is made unmistakably clear.

The earth is twisted, uplifted and contorted. Telling of a violent past.

But in the midst of chaos, order and beauty prevail.

Through the trees, Fitzroy in Patagonia

Shrouded pinnacles, snow clothed flora and the outpour of glacial streams.

My footprints are all that’s foreign.

Blissful solitude.



All we have is now.

Embrace it.

Patagonia, Black and White Cerro Torre
Patagonia, Fitzroy in winter
William Patino Landscape Photographer

Thank you for stopping by. I still have a few more Patagonia shots to come so please keep an eye on my ‘New Work’ section in the gallery for my complete Patagonia collection as well as some new images from New Zealand and Canada.

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