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Photography Workshop




Photoshop Photography Workshop

Learn the art of post-processing and demystify Photoshop in this full day editing course which covers all the fundamentals and techniques used in landscape photography 


Date: Saturday 11th August 2018 
Location: Wollongong NSW, Australia
Group Size: Maximum of 10 workshop participants
Skill Level: Suitable for photographers of all skill levels
Duration: 9am – 5pm Approx 8 hrs with 1hr lunch break
Price: $350 AUD (morning and afternoon tea is provided)

Overview/What to Expect

In this modern age of digital photography, understanding and utilising post-production software to process your raw files is critical in making the most out of your photography and revolutionising your workflow in the field. This course isn’t about creating fictional scenes (composites) but working with the data you have already captured in your RAW files and how to make your images pop. 

This course is aimed at those with little experience in Photoshop and will cover a broad range of topics, from the basics to more advanced methods. Starting with a single raw file, we will edit together step-by-step various scenes and scenarios as well as blending exposures for dynamic range, stitching panoramas, focus stacking and other topics such as:

  • resizing for web
  • sharpening
  • noise reduction
  • creating atmosphere
  • night photography noise reduction and carity
  • focal length blending
  • saving for print
  • personal individual image critique and assistance

As with my photography, I am completely self-taught when it comes to post-processing. My techniques are both simple and effective and can be learned and applied quite easily, establishing a solid foundation for the way you think and create, both out in the field and in the digital darkroom.

If you want to bring out the best in your work, learning the essentials of post-processing in an intimate classroom environment, than this is the course for you.  



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Handheld 5 image vertical stitch for 180 degree field of view

Single exposure file with local adjustments

5 image blend for large depth of field minimal noise 

Single exposure file with local adjustments