Shaped by time

I recently spent two sunrises on the Sapphire coast of NSW. Here at Bermagui, lies two of my favourite rock formations to shoot, Camel rock and Horse head rock. I had only photographed this area once before and was eager to return.

Horse head rock is absolutely amazing. As you will see, the rock formation has a striking resemblance to a horse’s head drinking from the sea. When you stand before this ancient wonder, you feel as though you are in the presence of a living creature.

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Shooting special places like this is a little overwhelming as there are a million possibilities. I felt that shooting a longer exposure of 2 and a half minutes would help express my mood and thoughts on this place. As the clouds continually drift overhead and the restless sea moves back and forward, the old horse stands firm. This is how I saw the old creature, resiliently standing the test of time.

In saying that, it is of course time itself which has led to the shaping of this rock. I think of my life and at 26 years old, I feel as though time has moved so fast in the last few years. It doesn’t always feel like it, but time, along with all of life’s variables, are slowly but surely shaping me. It is shaping us.

I look upon the past and see where I have grown, I look to the future and see where I would like to be. This rock didn’t have much choice about what it was to become, nor do we have much control over the wind and waves that will batter us over the course of our life. But what we can control however, is how we prepare and act when the storms of life do come crashing against us.

To photograph, the best light for this horse will always be in the morning when it is illuminated by the glow of the sun. I guess one thing I have learned from the horse is that change is inevitable. We can’t prevent time from aging us nor stop storms from chasing us. But, by facing the light of life we give ourselves the best chance of being molded into something worth remembering.

I know who and what the light of my life is, the question is, do you?

A rock formation resembling a horse head.