With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing a sudden stop to our usual routines and confiding us to our homes, I decided to run a local photography ‘competition’ in Te Anau. This was intended not to really be a competition as such, but more so an incentive to encourage people to keep active and to momentarily take their minds off the daily noise of the news. There were many great entires and it was great to see how different people saw and captured the local surroundings.
Below are the 5 that resonated with me the most and these people will receive one of my prints and a block of their favourite chocolate 🙂
After these photos, there is a gallery from all the people who entered. Most entered more than one photo and there must have been close to 90 individual images sent in. I decided to keep the gallery just limited to one image per person and you will see some were also captured prior to lockdown.


Sophie Willans

I’m a sucker for dramatic mountain scenes and this one has it all, with fresh snow, depth, atmospheric light and brooding cloud. Powerful frame.

Courtney Quintrell

Hard not to love this one, with that atmosphere, texture in the trees and bonus doggo. I particularly liked the framing which was well balanced and allowed the eye to travel right through the frame.

Inger Nicholsen

We were treated to some fine weather for our first couple of weeks in Lockdown and this image portrays that very well. This shot was a good reminder how well we have it here, compared to many who are spending lockdown in the confines of small apartment buildings. The dog brought a smile to my face too.

Matthew Straupmanis

I love the narrative here, with the quiet, empty street at dusk and the bold sign representing how the normal way life has come to a momentary stand still. Great photography.

Nicola Esler

A glorious sky, one of many we have been treated to as of late. Awesome framing overlooking our town and mighty mountains. Just a a real pleasant photo to look at.



Below is the gallery with one photo for each of the entrants. We are fortunate to live in such a scenic part of the world. Thanks everyone who participated! To view larger, just click an image and then scroll with the arrows.