Cathedral Rocks Kiama is located on the south coast of NSW Australia. This magnificent rock formation is  about half hour drive from where I live in Wollongong.  When I first got into photography, a follower on instagram mentioned that I should check this place out. It took me a few weeks, probably mid 2012, before I finally ventured down to see what the fuss was about. I will never forget my first impression of the rugged, monolithic formations that made up this small, pre-historic portion of coastline.

Due to getting lost and falling over on some slippery rocks, as well as entering the area from the wrong side of the headland, I did not walk away with a photo from the sunrise. But what I left with was an indescribable feeling of awe and magnitude. I knew that this would be the first of many sunrises I would spend here. I was completely captivated.

A few days ago I discovered this old picture of Cathedral rocks on the internet. It is dated circa 1900. I found that I could not stop looking and thinking about this picture. The fact that someone over 100 years ago was standing where I and many others have since stood. The artist saw and felt the same sense of awe and wonder as myself. They felt the urge to capture and preserve the memory of the moment they experienced being in the presence of natures beauty. The environments we live in vary and change over time but the inner desires of our hearts stay the same. We are drawn to nature for a reason.

Rocky shore line KIama NSW Australia


It got me thinking about why I take photographs. Why do I awake every morning an hour before sunrise and look out the window to check the conditions for sunrise? What drives me to want to capture a moment in time just as this artist did all those years ago? I am not sure if I know the answer but after a few days of pondering, I now have some kind of an understanding of why I am so moved to do what I do.

You see, since picking up a camera I have rekindled a hope that I had once lost. The further I confide in the worlds natural wonders, the clearer my sight has become. My vision and my faith has strengthened. I am certain that we were made to spend quality time amongst nature. It renews the weary soul and restores a heavy heart.

Out of all the creation of man, nothing genuinely uplifts the spirit like the direct work of God’s hands. We live in an over-stimulated society. The technology that we have created to bring us rest does anything but. To escape the hustle and bustle and find rest amongst the natural environment  brings us back to where we were made to be. I spent most of life taking for granted the little things, but now I see it is the ‘little things’ which matter most.

I take photographs because I am compelled to. When I stand barefoot at the waters edge watching the sun miraculously rise from horizon, I am overcome with a deep inner emotion. My photography is a reaction and expression of what I see and feel. I can’t fully explain what it is, but I hope you see but a fraction of it when you look at the world through my lens. I encourage you to get out there and spend a little alone time with earth. WP

A man climbing rocks along a rugged coastline