Workshop Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from a range of clients who have attended my group or individual workshops. Most recent reviews can be viewed on my Google Business Page here. 

For anyone thinking about doing a Will Patino Workshop just book it now! I cannot recommend it highly enough. I just got back from one today and would not hesitate to do it all over again tomorrow. 
Will is as humble as he is talented and super generous with his time and sharing his skills. The workshop took us on a journey that I will never ever forget. From the snowy peaks of New Zealand’s highest mountain, to lush green valley floors, to glacial lakes that colours defy belief, every single stop took my breath away. I feel like the eyes of my heart have been opened and my soul is alive and seeing in HD.
For me, I learnt more in the past week than I have learnt in all the years I have been taking photos. I feel that Will’s love of photography is only outweighed by his obvious passion for this fragile and pristine planet and its conservation. He doesn’t just teach you how to take a more skilled landscape photo but how to connect at a heart level to the environment and capture that moment. 
The small workshop size makes it so easy to ask questions and get help and bond with the other guys. We met as strangers from all corners of the world, but left as a little family, forever connected by our incredible experience. 
If you want something more than just a “social media type” experience, if you want to learn the heart and soul of photography, if you want to capture something that will forever change the way you see the world, then do yourself a favour and book yourself a spot on one of Will’s photography workshops. 
Lisa Milne

I participated in Will’s Winter Workshop in New Zealand in 2016 and not only was it hugely informative, but also an incredible amount of fun! We shared so many laughs (and coffees!) over sunrise, sunset, dark skies and road tripping in our van across the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. 
On day one we were taught a number of tricks that have now given me the confidence to exclusively use my camera in manual mode. Our small group ranged from novices to more advanced photographers, with Will and his friend/assistant Cam easily able to cater to each individual’s level of experience. As the group was small, there was plenty of time for one-on-one advice. They shared as much knowledge about camera settings, composition and post processing as could be crammed into a week. I also found it interesting to see how an absolute pro goes about setting up a shot and what Will looked for with regards to composition and light. I really enjoyed the relaxed approach, with our plans able to adapt to the various conditions and light (we went out chasing the Aurora Australis on the spur of the moment one evening – with success!). The scenic flight above Mount Cook during first light was also an absolute highlight! This trip was one for the memory books.   
Kate Miles

I was lucky enough to join Will on one of his week long New Zealand winter workshops. Wow, am I glad I did! I had an amazing week fully immersed in landscape photography with a fabulous bunch of people. Will took us to the most stunning locations, and it was exciting learning how to capture the beauty of what we saw in a photograph.
Over the course of a week I learnt so much about photography and the quality of my photos improved hugely. I went from fumbling and guessing my way around manual mode to feeling confident about exactly what settings I should use in any given lighting or weather situation. 
Will’s enthusiasm and passion for photography is contagious and I am incredibly grateful that he is so generously willing to share his knowledge. He is so clear in his teaching – what had seemed complicated to me (e.g. manual focussing!) is now simple after being shown what to do by Will. That ability to simplify technical information, combined with his approachability and desire to help, make him an excellent teacher. I would recommend his workshops to anyone (from beginners to those more advanced) who want to take their photography to the next level, and have fun in stunning locations while doing so!
Steph Wiseman

Participating in a week long William Patino workshop last October was the most fabulous experience. The scenery was spectacular, the photo opportunities were endless, and the company was brilliant. Will is not only a great bloke to travel with, but his instruction and guidance during the workshop were incredible. I went from shooting predominantly in auto, to full manual in all different scenarios and lighting within a week. For anyone looking to improve their photography skills and have an absolute blast while doing it, I cannot recommend a William Patino workshop highly enough. It was hands down one of the best weeks of my life, and from a photographic point of view the very best investment I could have made. Thanks again Will for an incredible week, I still feel incredibly humbled and grateful.
Georgie Mann

I want to express my gratitude in the way you have helped me improve on skills on my photography through your workshops. I discovered your work on social media, namely Facebook & then on Instagram.  My inspiration grew each time you posted a new photo on those platforms to get out and chase that light in those golden hours. I signed up for my 1st workshop with you where I was blown away by how approachable & giving you were with your knowledge & the passion & energy at which you delivered it. I returned recently for my 2nd workshop where again I was treated with the same passion & energy where again I learnt a bucket load helping me immensely with my photography. 

I will definitely be back for more workshops to further refine my skill set knowing it will improve each time because of your drive & willingness to share your knowledge. I have recommended you to many of my friends & they are equally inspired to get to one of your workshops.Thanks again Will I appreciate what you have done for my photography & more importantly what to focus on when behind the lens.

Darren Kidd

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to take part in one of Will’s New Zealand workshops. It was an incredible eye opening & inspiring adventure as the workshop crew enjoyed a week long chase of light & moments of beauty alongside Will, learning & gaining so much from his photographic knowledge & wisdom. I was stoked to learn a lot from his post-processing teaching, & how to get the best out of an image. There is so much to gain from having a professional work alongside you when you’re out shooting & also just watching how they go about their own work. Whether you are just a beginner or have years of experience, I highly recommend  Will’s photography workshops. You are guaranteed to learn so much, be inspired, as well as have plenty of fun & laughs along the way. I also loved the opportunity to connect with other like minded people, and making new friends.
Zach Tuxworth

After 2 years of aimlessly shooting in auto I decided to finally have a lesson and learn how to use my camera. I picked Will due to the quality of his photos, but also the flexibility in his workshops – It was all tailored to me, my abilities and what I wanted to achieve. 

Will is an extremely talented photographer, but also a great teacher who was able to simplify the theory and technical aspects of photography so it all made sense. He also didn’t hesitate to share his expertise and tips. 

I was blown away by the workshop and couldn’t believe that by the end I was confidently taking photos the kind of photos I had only dreamed of, my only regret was that I didn’t book it as soon as I bought my camera! 

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