Yes, another blog post related to Cathedral Rocks! I can’t help it, this place is epic. It actually turns out that this seascape has been a source of inspiration since the first Europeans settled on the this little island known as Australia.

The image below was painted in the 1820’s by an amazing artist, Augustus Earle. I can’t believe that so shortly after Australia was colonised, this incredible scenery was a source of inspiration and immortalised by a captivated artist.

Painting of Cathedral Rocks Kiama by Augustus Earle

If you have read my first blog post, you already know how much I love shooting here. Now you see the painting by Augustus? Well that composition from within the cave is a tough shot to capture with a camera. It is actually a logistical nightmare. Correctly exposing the highlights in the sky surrounded by the deepest of shadows in the cave is not easy to photography. Camera’s are smart but they are not smart enough or powerful enough yet to accurately compress and capture such a dynamic shot with a single click of the shutter. This and the elements of nature were only going to make capturing this scene moment more rewarding.

Since the first time I went to Cathedral, I knew I wanted to capture a special shot from within the cave. I did not realise though that it would take over 12 months to get what I had visioned. I have shot from this cave many, many times. A few times I fooled myself into thinking I had captured “the shot” but I had to face reality that I had been defeated and that this amazing view had not been done justice.

Two weeks ago, the day finally arrived. The tide and the sky aligned just like I had dreamed. As I crouched in the cave with the mosquito’s and crabs, I spared a thought for Augustus. Whatever it is about this view, it had captivated us both and was enough to make us want to express the emotion and atmosphere through our art.

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I don’t think I will ever capture the “perfect” ¬†photograph and this photograph to me is not perfect. However it is the perfect representation of the vision I had months ago. I conceived the thought and vision, I believed I could capture the exact moment in time and I eventually achieved it. To do this is more fulfilling than receiving any external commendations and as an artist I feel there is no greater level of success.

In years to come, I look forward to seeing who else stands in the footsteps of those previously captivated and inspired. I hope you enjoy Meridian.

Looking out of a cave into a colourful sky at cathedral rocks kiama