Workshop Terms and Conditions

Booking and Payment

  1. Group Multi Day Workshops –
  • Registrations are on a first come, first served basis and are allocated and guaranteed only upon receipt of full payment.
  • Full payment must be made at least 90 days prior to the workshop commencement date.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 or other amount if stated in Workshop Details (plus necessary taxes) is required at the time of booking.
  • The remaining balance owed must be paid in instalments as set by us, unless otherwise negotiated with us. This will be discussed with you via email when you make your workshop booking.
  • You will receive an invoice from us prompting payment for each instalment.
  • If we do not receive full payment for your workshop 90 days out from your workshop date we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and any monies paid will be forfeited, see cancellation conditions below
  • If a booking is made 90 days or less prior to the workshop commencement date then the full workshop amount is payable at the time of booking.
  1. Individual Workshops –
  • Bookings are on a first come, first served basis and are allocated and guaranteed only upon receipt of full payment.
  • Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

If you have questions or concerns about these booking and payment terms please email us at as we may be able to take your circumstances into consideration, however the final decision remains at our discretion.


  1. Group Multi Day Workshops –

A minimum of 90 days notice (i.e. prior to the workshop commencement date) is required to cancel your booking and receive a refund of your payments, less the non-refundable deposit and an administration fee of $100, as long as your workshop place can be filled. For instance, if you have paid $1500 including a $500 deposit but need to cancel 100 days out from your workshop you would receive a reimbursement of $900 if your workshop place can be filled. If your workshop place can not be filled there will be no reimbursement of monies.
Due to accomodation and vendor bookings there is no reimbursement available if you wish to cancel your booking within 90 days of the workshop commencement date. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. Individual and Group ‘Single Day’ Workshops –

A refund will not be provided if you need to cancel your attendance in these workshops, you may however be offered an alternate date for your workshop to be held on if you provide at least 24 hours notice of your inability to attend.

The following cancellation information is applicable to both the above types of workshops

  • We reserve the right to alter, postpone or cancel any workshop at any time. For reasons including, but not limited to, too few participants, adverse weather, instructor illness, logistical problems such as strikes, wars, acts of God, or any other circumstances which may make operation of the workshop inadvisable.
  • If a workshop has to be postponed you will be offered alternate workshop dates to select from, no refund will be given if you choose to not attend a postponed workshop.
  • If we have to cancel a workshop, and we are not able to run a similar workshop in the future, then all fees are refunded (except for any non-refundable deposits) at the discretion of WPP.
  • We do not offer refunds or discounts for arriving late or leaving early.


We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance/travel insurance, including coverage for the damage or loss of your equipment whilst on a workshop, your personal health, emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical expenses, and trip cancellation, which would reimburse you for non-refundable airfare and trip cancellation fees. We cannot accept liability for insurance costs, loss of deposits, airline cancellations or delays or penalties incurred by the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets or other expenses incurred by participants in preparing for this workshop. We cannot accept liability for any insurance costs if a workshop is cancelled.

Limitation of Liability

Payment of a booking fee (whether deposit or full amount) represents your acceptance of all terms and conditions as outlined on this page. We aim to provide every participant with a safe, educational and enjoyable experience during the workshops. As there is always certain risks and dangers associated with photography, the outdoors and travel, and we accept no responsibility or liability for injury, death, illness, accident, losses or additional expenses associated with workshop participation. Nor do we accept responsibility for damage to equipment, property or digital data loss. Every participant must assess their own suitability, in terms of fitness and stamina, for the workshop that they join. Medical equipment, photography equipment and travel insurance is your own responsibility. You must notify us of any medical condition that we should know about. We assume no liability regarding provision of medical care. Please note that all your information is completely confidential.

Furthermore, we shall have no liability for any damages, losses, or expenses of whatever cause or nature, including those resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, detention, annoyance, weather, quarantines, strikes, civil disturbance, theft or criminal activity of any kind, government regulations, etc. We shall have no responsibility for additional expenses incurred due to unforeseen delays caused by weather, theft or criminal activity of any kind, political disputes, acts of terrorism, strikes, sickness, failure of flights or other transportation to arrive or depart on time, and other causes beyond our control. We are not responsible for additional accommodation not specified in the workshop itineraries which may be required en route, prior to or following a trip, caused by airline scheduling or schedule changes, or by individual clients’ travel arrangements or by other factors. We cannot assume any responsibility for loss or damage to baggage or personal property. In no event shall we have any liability for incidental or consequential damages, however characterized.


We reserve the right to take photographic or video records during any workshop in which you may be attending and therefore you may appear in such content, and that we may use any such records for promotional and/or commercial purposes. Please advise us if this is an issue for you.

Client Responsibility

It is a fundamental booking condition that you accept the hazards involved with outdoor travel and photography. You must acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results, such as inconvenience and discomfort, are possible where unforeseen circumstances arise. You must have a level of fitness suitable for your chosen workshop and you are responsible for bringing the appropriate equipment.

In the event of medical emergency and/or repatriation from a workshop by whatever means, the responsibility of such costs will be borne by the client. It is therefore essential that adequate cover is in place.

Every participant voluntarily assumes all risks and will hold us, the workshop leader, any co-leader or assistants, harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, claims, debts, and demands which arise in connection with the workshop. The terms hereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for your heirs, administrators, and executors, and for all members of my family, including any minors accompanying you.

We reserve the right to decline to accept or to retain any member of any trip should such person’s actions impede the operation of the trip or the rights or welfare or enjoyment of other members of the trip, and it is agreed that no refunds will be given in such circumstances.

Workshop Changes

All workshop schedules and plans are tentative and made in the interest of exciting photographic opportunities. We reserve the right to change, at our exclusive discretion, schedules, plans and itineraries, depending on weather, health or safety considerations, or any other factors related or not related to the photographic opportunities, as we see fit into the workshop.

All participants acknowledge that landscapes photography is subject to many variables including but not limited to environmental conditions that cannot be guaranteed.

Paying a deposit/ full booking fee signals your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

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