Photography is not only my career but it’s my passion, my obsession and my life. Along with this is the fulfilment I get out of guiding and sharing with people the places that have moved and inspired me. I’ve had opportunities to photograph around the world and explore areas that very few have –  all of which have helped shape me into the person and photographer I am today. But, as far as I’ve come, I’ll never forget what it’s like to be just starting out, the confusion and frustration that can be experienced when first learning photography. This is why I take great delight in helping people with their photography, shedding light on modern day techniques used both in the field and in post processing.

Everything I know about photography and the outdoors is what I share on my workshops. With group sizes no larger than 6 participants, my tours are personable and unique. Whether a private tutorial or group tour, I won’t have you lined up in a row all taking the same shot. Aside from the technical, I expand upon the expressive side of image making and encourage freedom and creativity on my trips.

The photos you see in my portfolio are what I aim for you to create. Close to the action, adapting to weather, chasing light and having a laugh along the way. Photography and nature has changed my life and I want to share the joy of this art with you.


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William Patino Workshop
Will Patino photography workshop
Iceland photography workshop
New Zealand wilderness photography workshop
New Zealand photo workshop
Will Patino photography workshop
Iceland photography workshop
Winter photography workshop in New Zealand
Will Patino photography workshop


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