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Based out of Te Anau (the gateway to Fiordland) and covering the whole South Island, my photography workshops are suitable for all experience levels. You can join a small group or make your own private booking to capture and enjoy the very best scenery in New Zealand.



Profile of William Patino

Since 2014 I’ve been a full-time landscape photographer, dedicating the majority of my career teaching others, taking them to unique and special locations at the right time to capture images they’ve always dreamed of.   

This is not just a career for me, but a passion and way of life. I live and breathe the New Zealand wilderness, the weather and unique ecosystem. Fiordland is my greatest canvas that I choose to work with, a place that continuously inspires and makes up the largest portion of my portfolio. Here alone I have spent thousands of hours across the land, sea and sky, studying, revering and attempting to capture this part of the world that I call home. 

My workshops are an opportunity for me to share my knowledge of the land and also the art of digital landscape photography. There are many factors that contribute to making a great image; from the location, light, atmosphere, composition and emotive expression, along with the necessary technical components – it’s all this and more that I share with my clients. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to better understand your camera on a single day workshop, or you’re looking to expand your existing portfolio with unique, world-class imagery across multiple days – I’m available for bookings year round and delight in sharing my love for the land and art with others.  



Private Workshops 

Based out of Te Anau – Covering Fiordland and the South Island 

Join a group workshop

7-days across the best of South Island in a small group of 6  

Sunset, Milford Sound New Zealand
Fiordland lush green cascades and forest. Photography by William Patino.
Bowen Falls, Milford Sound
Fiordland lush green cascades and forest. Photography by William Patino.

"You are guaranteed to be inspired by Will's passion for landscape photography and get to explore areas on the South Island that are just 'jaw dropping' beautiful..."


– Mark Cavanough, Australia.

"William Patino Workshops helped me create a better understanding on how to compose, process and deliver messages. He does this all while immersing us in a friendly and fun filled atmosphere..."


– Obaid AlBudoor, UAE.

"Will helpfully shared his knowledge and I have learnt techniques to apply in planning and scouting a location, taking the images and in post processing..."


– Ian Swainson, Australia.

"I've been to a few of Will's workshops so far (3 at the moment, looking forward to a 4th if I can!) and they always exceed my expectations..."


– Tom Pesce, Australia.

Limited Spaces Available 

25 – 31 March 2021

NZ South Island (Autumn) 

7-days across the South Island in a small group of 6. Visit the very best locations and take your photography to a whole new level. 

Fresh snow and morning light, Fiordland New Zealand

23 – 29 August 2021

NZ South Island (Winter) 

Experience winter in the south, with 7-days of photography in a small group of 6. 

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